J. T. Foster High School Homepage News en-us Thu, 19 Sep 2019 07:44:55 MDT Breeze for Teachers 5.0 http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca Sr Add/Drop Deadline http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=23151&stream=Homepage News http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=23151&stream=Homepage News Terry Fox Run http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=9135&stream=Homepage News http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=9135&stream=Homepage News School Council Meeting 6:30 meeting of School Council in the Learning Commons followed no earlier than 7pm by the AGM of the Parent Casino group. http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=4049&stream=Homepage News http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=4049&stream=Homepage News Orange Shirt Day Don't forget to wear orange on Monday, September 30!  To commemorate the residential school experience and to honour the healing journey of the survivors and their families, we invite all LRSD students and staff to wear orange. LRSD Grade 6-12 students and all staff can take our Orange Shirt Day Quiz and be entered to win a prize! Answers are taken from the Indigenous Peoples Map Residential School Timeline. Find out the story behind the orange shirt and the Every Child Matters movement by visiting http://www.orangeshirtday.org/     http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=32003&stream=Homepage News http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=32003&stream=Homepage News Online Progress Access for Parents/Guardians Parents/Guardians, please contact the office to set up your “Parent Internet Viewer” for real time updates! There is a Quick Link on the homepage of our website to take you there and office staff are always willing to assist you in how to use this feature! http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=32103&stream=Homepage News http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=32103&stream=Homepage News International Students! A special welcome to all of our new students and the following international students; twins! Eduardo & Inigo Alava Gomez de Segura, Julia Castaneda Calzada of Spain, Misaki Tanoue, Ren Sato (and of course Hikaru Tomobe) of Japan! http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=29921&stream=Homepage News http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=29921&stream=Homepage News FNMI Successes A strong First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Education program at LRSD means that there's always something happening to help students learn more about FNMI culture, history, and relationship with the land and nature. Teachers, administrators, and learning support staff from across the Division work throughout the year on the FNMI Committee to provide meaningful education opportunities, liaise with Elders, and support FNMI student success. Our annual FNMI Newsletter is now available, and highlights some of the experiences students across the Division enjoyed in the 2018-2019 school year. Click HERE to read the newsletter. For more information about FNMI programming and initiatives in Livingstone Range School Division, contact Sandra Lamouche, FNMI Success Coordinator at 403-625-3356 or lamouches@lrsd.ab.ca.       http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=32025&stream=Homepage News http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=32025&stream=Homepage News WATCH: Let's Do Great Things This Year The Board of Trustees and Senior Administration welcomes returning and new staff and students for the 2019-2020 school year! We will work and play hard, try new things, reach out to new people, and be leaders every day. What a year it's going to be!  http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=31987&stream=Homepage News http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=31987&stream=Homepage News School Bus Information Did you know that we proudly and safely transport more than 1600 students to 14 schools across our jurisdiction? When it comes to ensuring children have a safe and comfortable bus ride to and from school, the LRSD Transportation office, school bus drivers, parents, and students all have a role to play. Find out more about busing - including inclement weather, oversized instruments, and how to contact your bus driver - in our School Bus Information brochure.  Click HERE to view and download a copy. http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=31611&stream=Homepage News http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=31611&stream=Homepage News 2019-2020 Calendar Make your planning for next year easier by checking the 2019-2020 Livingstone Range School Division calendar. Click HERE to view. http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=31567&stream=Homepage News http://www.jtfosterhighschool.ca/view.php?action=object&id=31567&stream=Homepage News